Production Music

Below is a sampling of my work I’ve done for different productions. The first track is a compilation of many different pieces combined in a 6 minute montage. Start there for a overview.

Email me for custom score work or licensing requests.  [info (at) anthonyweis (dot) com]

Ambient Beat & Experimental

This is a compilation of spacey/ambient production music as well as custom tracks I did for The Podcast Producers podcast.  It blends heavenly melodies, inventive synth sounds, ethereal atmospheres, and at times, bombastic drums and choruses.  Moods/Themes – Innovation, Wonder, Contemplation, Atmosphere, Loneliness, Invention, Space, Science, & Technology.  Licensing available.  Released 2014 & 2015.

Jamaican Dub

This features all the various types of classic dub music from Jamaica, from deep bass lines, to chopped up reggae guitar parts, and even other worldly sound effects.  Released 2016.

World Music

“World Music Styles, Volume 1” is packed full of exciting music from all over the world.  Traditional instruments are used to represent the music of Africa, Cuba, the Middle east, China, Japan, Jamaica, India, and Native American music.  Released 2015.


Acoustic Guitar

A collection of finger picked acoustic guitar pieces commissioned for production use.  Released 2014-15.


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The Benefits of Hiring A Composer

Song Clearance:  The Benefits of a One-Stop-Shop



I hear a track I wanna use, now what?

Awesome, just send me a quick email at with the details of its usage.  Please include: the length needed, the medium (TV commercial, Radio, Online Video, etc…), budget, and your contact info.  I can then send over a quote and we can hammer out a contract.

I like what I hear, what are the next steps to get in touch about original scoring & music?

Pretty much same as above.  Just send me an email with an overview of your project and we can get started right away.

What is “licensing” a song?

Licensing a song is simply paying for the right to use it.  It’s basically like a driver’s license.  You can technically get in a car and drive, but without one it’s illegal.  The same goes for a music file.  You must get permission from all the copyright owners before including it in your production.

What clearances are needed to use your songs?

Lucky for you I own 100% of ALL the rights.  So I can grant it to you immediately.

But typically, you need at least 3 clearances, usually from at least 2 different companies and multiple people.  These items must be cleared:

(1)    Sound Recording – The actual recorded version of the song you want.  There could be multiple versions out there, but you will obviously be using just one.  The owner of this is usually a Record Label or whoever paid for the recording.

(2)    Composition – The music itself needs to be cleared – the melody, the chords, and the lyrics.  The songwriter/composer owns this, and there may be more than one.  Does the drummer who was in the room while the song was written get credit…headache.

(3)    Publishing – The company/person that owns the publishing needs to approve of the usage as well.  This is typically a publisher, but could be one person or multiple sub-publishers.  This entity basically acts as an exclusive agent for the song and tries to get music placed.

Again, I own all three.

How long does it take to clear a song?

For you and me, instantly.

What does your fee typically include?

It includes everything it takes to get the finished recording into your hands.  This typically includes: creative fee, session musicians (if needed), and the license.  The license can be the main determiner in the quoted rate.  Some important elements here are: medium, length of clip, exclusivity needed, regional/worldwide, and term (ex: 3 month commercial run vs. perpetuity for films).

I have a specific sound in mind, can you send me a customized demo for this?

Yes, I can put something together for you and send it over promptly.

I’m thinking of hiring a composer, can I send you a video file for you to score before I decide to hire you?

Yes, I will absolutely score a scene or clip for you.  The music is a big piece to most productions and I honor your right to get it right.