Below are a handful of reviews and features of my albums.

The ‘Spill

The British music blog The ‘Spill featured my track “Creation’s Riff” on their “Sounds on Sunday 23” and called it their favorite track of the week.  Check it and the full playlist out here:  https://readersrecommend.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/sounds-on-sunday-23/

A bit later on they also featured “Oblivion Studies”:  https://readersrecommend.wordpress.com/2017/04/10/earworms-10-april-2017/#more-71984

Can This Even Be Called Music

The music website Can This Even Be Called Music recently wrote a great review of my album Sound Continuous.

Link:  http://canthisevenbecalledmusic.com/mini-reviews-ii/.

Make Your Own Taste

Allister over at the brilliant experimental music blog Make Your Own Taste featured Aubade Crowning in his Fall 2014 Netaudio Revue 2.

Link:  http://makeyourowntaste.com/2014/11/13/fall-netaudio-revue-2/

Caliper Music

Capiler Music, a great experimental music blog, has consistently featured my albums and included my music on their compilations.

Free experimental music compilation – the album features “A Crisis of Sound” from Aubade Crowning.

Get the album for free here:  https://feelguide.bandcamp.com/album/feel-guide-vol-2




Acid Stag

Acid Stag feature on Aubade Crowning.

Link:  http://acidstag.com/2014/05/26/anthony-weis-craft-commonplace-new-sounds/

Deadly Music

The music website Deadly Music posted 3 tracks from Aubade Crowning.

Link:  http://www.feckingdeadly.com/anthony-weis-aubade-crowning/#.U3iST8ehA-0

We Heart Music

We Heart Music featured my EP Prophet & King.

Link:   http://weheartmusic.typepad.com/blog/2012/11/kings-and-princes.html.

Other Articles

Below are a few pieces I have written on music in general.

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