The History of Experimental Rock in 10 Albums

The following serves as a primer for those interested in learning more about experimental rock and its origins.  Similar to h

Smashed Against Infinity (2017)

Smashed Against Infinity is the 4th album by experimental musician Anthony Weis, released on March 1st, 2017. Smashed Against

Sound Continuous (2016)

Sound Continuous by Anthony Weis “Sound Continuous” refers to the nature of sound itself.  On a spectrum ranging

SC Singles (2016)

SC Singles by Anthony Weis SC Singles is the companion album to Sound Continuous and features some of the main songs as free

Melodies in Binary (2015)

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Aubade Crowning (2014)

Aubade Crowning by Anthony Weis     “Aubade Crowning” is the second full length album by Anthony Weis.

Knowledge & Compromise (2013)

Knowledge & Compromise by Anthony Weis  This debut album comprises of a collection of pieces done for various projects/

Is the Cost of Original Music Worth Its Price Tag?

Filmmakers and video producers are faced with many tough choices when it comes to balancing the quality of their production wi

The Complete Listener’s Guide: Frank Zappa 101

Frank Zappa’s discography is one of the most intimidating and potentially misrepresentative of any back catalogue out there.

The Benefits of Hiring a Composer

There are many options when it comes to choosing music for a film or commercial.  You can use generic tracks from stock music